onion.to does not host this content; we are simply a conduit connecting Internet users to content hosted inside the Tor network..
onion.to does not provide any anonymity. You are strongly advised to download the Tor Browser Bundle and access this content over Tor.

For more information see our website for more details and send us your feedback.
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Welcome to TorSafe !

TorSafe is able to host your files online in a secure way:

    1. File Sharing you can organize your files in library and share them between users and group of users
    2. Anonymous we use the tor network, we are compatible with TorBrowser and are compliant with the best practices of Tor
    3. Secure strong encryption (AES256) is used to encrypt your files, only the owner of the key (password) can read the files, even not the hoster or the provider
    4. Collaboration exchange messages, files, discussions, conversations in a collaborative way with the other members
    5. Wiki create your own wiki page in a WYSIWYG editor. You can keep personal notes or share pages
    6. Versioning of your files you can keep multiple of versions of your files and come back to a previous versions in case of disaster

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Pricing Plan
Copper Bronze Silver Gold Platinium
Pro Hosting in datacenter Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Storage 10MB 1GB 5GB 125GB For large organizations that need a dedicated infrastructure. Contact us - service on demand
Number of users 1 1 5 50
Number of groups Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Monthly bandwidth 1GB/month 10GB/month Unlimited Unlimited
Internal Backup (of encrypted data) No No Yes Yes
Activation fee No No No No
Price Free Free for early adopters !
equivalent in bc
equivalent in bc
Comment Limited account, intended for test purpose For independant ! Signup now it's free for early adopters ! For a small team For a medium team

We accept bitcoins [ 1PPJWAKJAD2XVXFi2fStWzMLKvVbdTQ3Xg ] ! Contact torsafe@yandex.com for an order or for any questions and make use of GPG (GPG Public key).

Our key points

We are compliant with the Tor guidelines: Source: https://www.torproject.org/download/download#warning

"a. Use the Tor Browser" You can use the Tor Browser to surf on TorSafe. Tor Browser is a customized version to protect your privacy and your anonymity
"b. Don't enable or install browser plugins" You don’t need any plugins that can break your anonymity such as Flash, RealPlayer, Quicktime
"c. Use HTTPS versions of websites" Tor will encrypt your traffic to and within the Tor network” You don’t have to worry because TorSafe is only hosted in Tor, no door to non-Tor network such as Internet.
"d. Don't open documents downloaded through Tor while online" a legitimate remark for documents sent by a peer. For your own documents, there is no risk because you are the writer and the owner, so you know the content. For documents received by a peer, TorSafe converts the documents to a web version (for example PDF pages are converted in pictures visible directly in the browser). In case of malicious content, it cannot be executed on your computer.
"e. Use bridges and/or find company" Only valid for people using tor as a gateway to Internet. TorSafe is not Internet traffic but Tor-only traffic.
Remote storage – don’t keep your precious data locally Secure – Secure- Strong encryption AES 256 Professional service and support.
Monitored service, backup, customer commercial and technical support
We accept bitcoins !
First try and then buy
We don’t limit the bandwidth
Regular backup of the encrypted data (only the ones who know the encryption key can read the data). Your data will be restore even in case of disaster on the datacentre You are able to share and exchange files with a stranger, even if you are not part of the same group (Silver or Gold). You just need to both have a Torsafe account FREE for early adopters, don't hesitate sign up now ! Email attachments are not efficient for collaborative work, loose your time to search for the last version of your files and you risk to spread your data Don't use USB key to store sensitive data:
1) Not a safe storage (can be lost, destroyed, corrupt)
2) No native encryption
3) It can be hazardous to carry data, encrypted or not. Don't carry data anymore, you just need a tor connection and the encryption key (password).